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  • Hey, This Is A Blog, Not A Therapy Session!

    I post insights that I have here about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and various techniques that I've used to help people. Cool as that is, you gotta make your own choices. Its no replacement for professional advice or counseling, so just bear that in mind before you go taking my advice.
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    • Good Morning. Never be afraid to admit your mistakes. Remember the words,"I'm sorry"can be very healing. 2 years ago
    • It's true what they say...Patience and Perseverance PAYS OFF! So keep on. #persevere #newhope 2 years ago
    • New Hope would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous LABOR DAY! 2 years ago
    • Good Morning. Always follow your intuition. We have an internal guide that tells us what's right, good, true and... fb.me/2UwzP70yt 2 years ago
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About Me


Me and my dog, Arwen.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am also the Director of New Hope Counseling, Inc., which is a Christian Counseling private practice that has been serving MetroWest Massachusetts for over 20 years.

Yes I am a Christian Counselor. Does that mean I shove my religion down my client’s throats? No, because that’s unethical, and makes me sick to even think about the prospect of doing something so completely wrong. If someone wants to know about my faith, that’s fine, I’m more than happy to share, but otherwise, I keep it to myself, and I like it that way.  🙂

I have been helping couples, children, adolescents and adults for about 8 years now. I love what I do, and I am truly blessed to work with such amazing people over the course of my work. I love being able to show a couple how to communicate better, and then actually see them communciate better. I’ve saved couples from the brink of divorce, and I think the divorce rate is high enough, so if I can do lower that number even by a little, I’m cool with that!

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